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The clitoris test: or how do you get knowledge on your sexuality









The clitoris test: or how do you get knowledge on sexuality

American researchers wanted to find out how people get to know about their sexuality. Were the parents, books, friends, pornography or what the source of Information?

So they asked students about it. And then they did the clitoris test. They compared the results……….

and the test to their reported sources of knowledge. Ans what did they find out? It is amazing. Here is one result.

Ironically, the best source of information for women, their own bodies, was among the least often cited source of information for women.

In other words, the best source of information about the clitoris is probably the… clitoris, but female college students would rather read books to learn about it.

So how do you think about the possible result of such a study in your own Country? In China? And what would you have answered to the scientists question?

If you want to get to know about this study, just have a look here:

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