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About sleep: good news for Chinese!

 sleeping otter








About sleep: good news for Chinese!

Good news for Chinese people, who love to sleep! 😉

The Cleveland Clinic tells us 22 strange and fascinating facts about sleep. If you want to cultivate your sleep, if you want to improve your sleep-competence and if you want to have arguments towards others to strengthen your way of sleeping, have a look!

Here’s some little hint:

  • Sea otters hold hands when they are sleeping so they don’t drift away from each other.
  • Being awake for 16 hours decreases your performance as much as if your blood-alcohol-level was 0,05% (The legal limit is 0,08%)
  • Statistics show that the extra-hour of sleep reduces accidents.
  • Sleeping on the job is a minor problem in Japan. Companies may accept it as a sign of exhaustion from overwork.

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