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Reading emotions is worth money

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Reading emotions is worth money

A lately published research says that there’s a quite an obvious connection between emotional recognition and annual income. This does not mean that only people with a high annual income have an emotional competence or emotional intelligence. If you judge from the other way round of course you as a manager or business man are clever enough to earn more money if you’re able to rely on your emotional competence.

And yet on the other hand …………….there’s what we call intuition and emotional competence in relationship (others than business-like relationships).

Everybody can embody the emotional competence or emotional recognition. It depends on other qualities the person has.

So if you want to make money out of it its ok. Of course it is also ok, if you want to conquer a partner to love and to stay with. 🙂

But dont forget: money is not love. 🙂


If you are interested to read more about this, just have a look here. Worth reading and worth feeling. 🙂

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