Body-language and nonverbal communication










Body-Psychotherapy is a distinct branch of psychotherapy and has a long history and a theoretical position which is proofed by scientific research. It is theoretically and practically based among others on psychoanalysis, attachment and movement  theory, infant research and neuro-psychology.

Body-Psychotherapy involves an explicit theory of mind-body functioning. The common underline assumption is …………….that the body reflects the whole person and there’s a functional unity between mind, body, feeling and behaviour. The body does not merely mean the “soma” and that this is separated from the mind, the “psyche”. Both are functioning and interactive aspects of a whole human being.

Body-Psychotherapy involves a developed mental-model, a theory of personality, and its development, hypothesis as to the origins of disturbances as well as a rich variety of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. Used within the frame-work of the therapeutic relationship.

Body-Psychotherapy has a wide variety of body-techniques, some of which are used on or with the body involving touch, movement and breathing.

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