Body-language and nonverbal communication

Body language…be aware and be careful

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Body language…be aware and be careful

Body-language and nonverbal communication is scientifically proofed and yet there’s quite a lot of literature on physiognomics. This means that people believe in the direct connection between physical characteristics and personal attitudes. This also includes e.g. a specific connection of physical characteristics and intelligence.

People often like to believe in such body-reading concepts because they are so simple or look like. So there’s a very big danger related ……… this.

In Germany we have a long tradition related to this believe (not only in Germany, also in other countries). This believe still exists quite often. The danger in Germany resulted in a terrible anti-human development. During the Nazi-regime (middle of last century) people often were guarded and evaluated by their physiognomics. People were even killed when they were judged from the physiognomic point of view as “Untermenschen” (as people who are not good to live).

So be careful if you look at the body and try to understand the expression of the body. Don’t follow those concepts of physiognomics because they can lead to a terrible end.

Never forget that body-language and body-reading always is expression and impression:

Expression of the body of the other person and impression of your own impression when looking at the other bodies.

Expression of human beings. Human beings like you and me.

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