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Functional identity of man

funktionelle Identität






Functional identity of man

Quite similar to the concept of affect-logic of Luc Ciompi is the work of Wilhelm Reich which is based on psychoanalysis. This concept, and this is the contrast to the concept of affect-logic, is mainly focused to the personal experience in childhood.  The more the person relates and communicates in a very personal and specific way with his parents, his family and his surroundings. This experience can be observed on all different levels of personality and identity: The body-level, the emotional level, the behavior level, the awareness level and so on.

The concept of the bioenergetic analysis, that’s how it’s called, shows that ………there is a functional identity between all those levels. One consequence is to get an idea about the person`s personality, the history, the behavior patterns and so on, you can start at whatever level you want to start with. Or whatever level is in the foreground. You will of course reach the other levels. Following the concept of the functional identity helps to identify the different fields, the different levels in order to focus some special, main patterns, so called character structure.  It also helps to address the person in whatever situation and in whatever way which is possible for the person. And you can rely on touching the other levels too, consciously or unconsciously.

By this you can also support the person to experience himself as a unit, being integrated and being able to relate to the different levels by himself. So he can know, he can sense, he can feel and he can behave being integrated.

If you want to get to know more read books of Al Lowen or Wilhelm Reich. Or other writers who write about Bioenergetic Analysis or have a look at my website There is an English and a Chinese section.

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