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Collective Emotions

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Collective emotions

The common parlance is convinced that you experience the world in the way, in the mood you’re.  It is also convinced that you look at the world in your very personal way and you react to it the same.

Meanwhile scientific research confirms this. I will pick out two main branches of science to illustrate this. The one is the concept of affect-logic based on the research and thoughts of Luc Ciompi. The other one is the concept of functional identity based on …………………….the works of Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen and others.

The concept of affect-logic points out that our emotions shape the way how we address to the world,  characterize the way how we perceive the world and how we think about the world in general and about us. It is the base, the motor and the structure of awareness, perception, experience and communication and social life. Insofar there’s no behavior without emotion and each emotional state triggers special behavior patterns.

Perhaps you have read about one scientific result from brain physiology. The result says that in a split of a second our brain shows where we want to go to, shows what we want to decide or what we want to choose unconsciously.

– Before all this becomes conscious.

It shows what the person in a split of a second will consciously decide. But in fact the decision was already developed and bodily prepared before the decision had emerged into consciousness .


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