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Chinese love money and love adventure










Chinese love money and love adventure

A new inquiry has tried to find out what Chinese love most. Not astonishing is numer one. Still as the years before Chinese love to have Money.

Astonishing is favourite number two. Chinese want to be normal and unsuspicious.

Favourite number 3……………… is typical Chinese. They want to be number one in the world. This seems to be very old historical based dream. And perhaps also a dream to overcome hundreds of years of traumatisation and devalutaion by others in the world.

Well number four is also astonisching insofar as people if they love to have very luxurious cars obviously show their richness. 🙂

Well favourite number 7 is more human like. Chinese look for friends and favourite number 10 is: looking for love.

So to focus this means:

1. Richness

2. Personal-social

3. Political

4. Richness

5. Luxury

6. Media

7. Friends

8. Personal power

9. Richness

10. Love adventure and not love as a relationship

So money which stands for richness and luxury is the most favourite one. Obviously money and richness  determine relationsship and love.

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