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Breast or breast?

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Breast or breast?

A lot is written and said about women’s sexuality, women’s body as sexual objects. Each article has it’s one message, it`s own value, it’s own function.

But how do you think about the relationship between different ways of presenting women’s breast in media ……… the same time, in the same context, like:

  • On the one hand breast-feeding is often forbidden in public. It’s also forbidden to post photos of breast-feeding women in public. It’s said that it would be too sexual.
  • On the other hand there are breast-cancer-campaigns which are highly valued and present in media. It’s obvious that these presented campaigns in media are also supported by relevant photos and images: just like women’s breast.

To look at those phenomena we have a paradox of women’s sexuality in media and in public.

People, especially women ask for a shift away from breast-centred-approach to a women-centred-approach in various campaigns. This shift could stop a never ending discussion on ethics, on motivation, on quotes and on economy.

So it`s not a matter of when and why one could publish and present a woman`s breasts or is not allowed to do so. It is a shift in connotating.

What could this mean? How do media have to react on this shift?  What would media users comment?

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