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One´s own body as private, emotional currency

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One´s own body as private, emotional currency

Do you know what a temporary boy-friend is? Have a look at the link at the end of this post. I came across this information some weeks ago: A young woman, looking for a boy-friend, to accompany her on her journey through China. To be the travel-partner was meant to accompany her and to pay for her. The young woman said that she did not have any income and she did not want to “suffer” during her tours. So, she offered herself “all day and to spent the night with him”.

This weird story and weird offer was a fake.

Why do I post this fake? Even if this did not happen in reality, the fantasy ……….of the one who posted the fake mirrors fantasies in society and culture. Fantasies in culture and society always have a real ground: it could happen like this.

Maybe it’s not yet the time to make it happen but it happens already in fantasy and in social media. So, be aware of your future 😉

But at least this (fake) story mirrors a habit among Chinese people, at least younger people, to relate to someone else on the base of Money. Related to Money and fixed to money.

But money is NOT relationship. It is not human relationship.

And one`s own body is not an emotinal currency at all.

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