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Kissing father: it`s the attachment which is important








Kissing father: it`s the attachment which is important

Some weeks ago there was a video on the Chinese internet accusing a father’s “internet behaviour” to his daughter on the bus. Someone hast taking a video of a father who kissed his little girl on the bus, in public. It’s said that he kissed her over and over until they got off the bus.

A big discussion started after this video was presented. Some just asked “is this the girl’s father?” others disagreed “there’s absolutly …………….something going on there. Look at his legs. It’s still abnormal….”

Others on the other hand criticize those who were devaluating the father in the way “these people are sick, thinking and writing about this father in the way they did. It’s human nature, and this is how parents express how they feel.”

Someone agrees on the background of the results of psychological research in America and Europe that the father is doing fine and that “it’s probably us who overreacted”. The father does not overreact.

Finally there’s a cultural debate being started because one said that probably in western countries people often express their emotions with kisses and by the way one added “it’s a way of attachment between parents and children to behave like this and to show up in public.

To be honest: attachment is ever so important in whatever way it is expressed.

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