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A hug heals heartbeat and blood pressure












A hug heals heartbeat and blood pressure

Of course you know how much you like a hug. Of course you remember how it felt like the last time. But did you know that a hug heals heartproblems, reduces high blood-pressure?

In older times people knew about that. They of course did not know this connection on the physical level,  but just by doing it. In our times a hug often is done without really being touched inside. We hug one another because people usually do so. We hug one another because others expect it from me. We hug each other because….. there are many other answers of course.

Maybe you remember your mother’s hug and soothing words and warm caress in your childhood. And maybe you remember how big the influence and the effect of this were to your daily life, feeling your relationship to your family and your own well-being.

Science, and this is interesting, has found out, that there is a big connection between hugging, caressing and heart-beat and blood-pressure.

For example the heart-beat-rate increases by an average of 5 beats per minute among huggers. Heart-beat-rate increases by an average of 10 beats per minute among non-huggers.

Of course this is only a figure. Of course it’s only a statistics you could say. But if you take this figure, this statistic result and connect it with your own experience from childhood or your experience with a loving partner you’ll begin to know rational, consciously, emotionally and of course bodily.

Last week, and this is an example from my psychotherapy, I worked with a man who had high blood-pressure and feared that this blood-pressure would harm him. He came to my office and told me, that he just started a 24-hours-electrocardiogram that means the blood-pressure is measured for 24 hours to see how it develops.

I don’t want to talk about what happens in detail but the result was, when I worked with him on that day, that his blood-pressure was completely normal. So, the body-work, the body-approach with symbolic and actual touching does what science found out.

So, just have a look in your daily life, when you’re hugged or when you hug somebody else. How your body feels, how you feel inside and how you feel the next hours. ANd be sure that you will carress your heart and your blood pressure. And of course yourself. 🙂

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