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When grandma kills herself….

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When grandma kills herself….

One result of the speedy urbanisation is the dramatically increasing suicide of old people. Three times as much as members of other social Groups kill themselves i said by Chinese scientists recently stated. Professor He Xuefeng from the TU Huazhong in Hubei states that the suicide of old People really is big  and even growing problem or better to say dilemma in China.

Younger people leave the rural areas for ………...

the big cities to earn their money there. The older people are left at home. They dont have a pension or secure income. They used to live supported by their children and grandchildren as it was the traditional. Now they have to live oin their own. How can they manage one may ask. How do the children feel when not being able to change this situation?  How do they live in such a Dilemma? How survive?

It is not the time or there is no real reason for most of the children to be punished by feelings of guilt. Most of them cannot follow another track in their life. And yet it is the task or duty to behave (inn whatever way). Either to behave by ongoing (self-)relfection  and communicating on this with their parents and grandparents. Or reflect and be engaged in social action (releated to the living situation of oneself and the herewith connected possibilities).

And be aware that YOU are the grandma or grandpa for tomorrow.

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