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Faces of soldiers: you cannot NOT be touched









Faces of soldiers: you cannot NOT be touched

It seems that war rules the world at many places. War is done by people. People have faces, faces which mirror the state of feeling before the war, during the war and after the war.

The photographer Lalage Snow has shared powerful series of photos showing the transformative faces of service men who had been in Afghanistan. The photos show significant differences in the three states of being. They show personal and psychological differences. Interesting is that the face by itself just look. At one face you don’t realise important differences. But when you put the three faces together you’re overwhelmed and even deeply touched by the relevance of these differences.

Lalage Snow does not have a special message as he said, but he said maybe the photos and the faces speak for themselves.

Look at those attractive and mysterious faces. They will make you want to keep looking.

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