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Sex is gender and “not” sex

sex is gender








Sex is gender and “not” sex

From a very early age on we can decipher sex, sexuality and the differences in detail. Some days ago I came across a little investigation on this competence. I was astonished about one result:

If you look at the picture above you maybe ask if you know the difference between the individuals pictured are male or female. Most of the people are able to decipher by ……..looking at the secondary sex characteristics (e.g.: body-shape, facial hair, hair-cut, breast and so on). This is proofed and shows that especially on first sight, people don’t look at the primary sex-characteristics.

Insofar one could say, that the sex-characteristics don’t “matter” so much. Instead of this social cues and secondary sex-characteristics are the most important cues.

Just have a look on your own life, your own choices and you’ll be sure, that gender matters more than sex in our Society.

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