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Money means trust, money is sexy







Money means trust, money is sexy

It seems to be the same everywhere in the world. Wherever you show up with typical status symbols just like an expensive Italian car (like Lamborghini, Ferrari and so) you win the game.

Some days ago there was a little test being made in China. Lamborghini driver with a six-hundred-thousand-dollar car stopped at the pavement and asked a woman if she ……..would like to have a ride with him. Five of seven women agreed at once and said that even they didn’t know the man he seemed to be trustworthy.

The same test was made by someone who asked women to have a ride with him driving a big Chinese SUV. No chance, no win. The Women refused to have a ride with him.

On the one hand you could say this is the same as everywhere, on the other hand the women’s motivation to accept the offer is more emotional. To make it short: The motivation means: Expensive car and money: I trust him.

Referring to a society just like the Chinese culture which is characterized by trust in family, trust in relationship, trust in the own peer-group, this is a far too big change. Having a ride with a status-Lamborghini means more than just participating or partly being identified with such a status-symbol. The women felt trust.

One therefore could ask where does this kind of trust or trustfulness will lead to. On the other hand this may lead to the question: “How can you experience other modalities of trust in relationship?”

This is of course a very big challenge for the Chinese culture, a big challenge for everybody, a big challenge at any time and a big challenge for the transcultural communication.


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