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Baby’s cry identified by a digital decoder

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Baby’s cry identified by a digital decoder

Scientists from Taiwan have developed an app which can decode information based on a baby’s cry with an accuracy of 92 %. No you’re able to distinguish subtle differences in crying and acoustic signals of babies under one year old.

The crying analyzer app can indicate whether a baby is hungry, sleepy, unwell, stressed due to a noisy environment, in pain, or in discomfort because of a wet diaper.

On the one hand you can argue that ……this would be a very good support for people not really knowing how to address to a baby’s cry. This app is another step in the process of using technical (metric and numerous) support to get familiar with the human body, the human expression, your own body and your own expression. It’s another step following apps which help you to count your steps, analyse your sleeping behaviour or analysing the necessity of your body to drink water.

Insofar there’s another side of the coin which supports alienation of your own body, of your own feeling and sensing inside your own body or sensing the other’s body.

Sensing the baby’s cry and the baby’s need in a certain moment.

So, even if you get a good analysis of the baby’s cry, even if you for example can identify that the baby is hungry you offer something to eat there’s still something important competence missing. It’s the competence of being, feeling and sensing yourself as a membrane, as an echo to the baby’s cry.

As a living resonance.

Psychology and the development of personality show that relating to a bay, relating to a baby’s cry always is a multi-modal relationship.

To bring it to the point I want to relate to scientific research from the 50’s of the last century. Psychoanalysts found out that if you nourish babies of monkeys without offering a monkey mother or father the babies will die. They will die though they were nourished in an appropriate way.

They die because of the lack of personal echo, of personal relationship.

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