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Anger in the face enhances cues of strength








Anger in the face enhances cues of strength

New research has been done on facial expression and human behaviour. This research (Evolution and human behaviour magazine) proves that humans assess others` fighting ability by monitoring cues of strength. Cues can be found and clearly identified by facial expression. Biologically and socially this is a hidden important competence of humans. So to say ………biology and physiology help us to identify the variety of different facial expressions of anger. This also helps us to judge the strength of the other. Judging like this is important oneself insofar as I can anticipate how the fight could be, how I would have a chance to win or the other. It also can anticipate who is strong enough in a community or group to defend against an enemy or so.

So the other can easily react to this facial expression, this cue of anger in order to unconsciously and “automatically” assess if it is possible to resist this anger or to find against this anger or even to win against this anger.

Science proofs that there’s a seven-key-muscle-movement constituting the anger-face.

Insofar this research is very important because it shows that this is relevant for all cultures, for all societies. Maybe you remember that anger is one of the basic emotional expressions which has a similar facial expression in all cultures.

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