Body-language and nonverbal communication

Emotional expression judged by software












Emotional expression judged by Software

Facial expression shows how somebody feels. There might be joy, sadness, anger, shame, but also a sad-anger, a joyful surprise or frightening discussed. Even those complex feelings can be expressed by facial expression. We have a so to say born and learned competence to understand this unconsciously, consciously and can adjust or react to this.

Scientist of the OhioStateUniversity in Columbus recently …….have analysed this process. All in all they identified twenty-one distinct emotion categories. They proved their survey by looking at 250 human subjects and their facial expressions. The scientists prove that these differences are sufficient to distinguish between the twenty-one defined categories.

After having reached this result they developed a facial action coding system analysis which is based of a computational model of face perception. They show and prove that at least a computer or better to say a machine, and object without emotions, can read Body-language and emotional expressions.

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