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Demand for better sex education








 Demand for better sex education

“Adult videos can’t be our sex-education” is one of the main messages of Chinese students demonstrating for sex-education.

They demand an especially universities and schools have to say “yes” to sex-education. Young Chinese people obviously want and of course need a save sexual life, a sexual life with excitement, ……….passion, feeling and personal and relational well-being.

Sexuality is a tabu-issue in China. You don’t talk about it, you don’t address it in public and if you do so there’s a curtain of shame and/or an aggressive resistance against this.

Sexuality is part of our life, part of our nature, part of our relationships, insofar part of society and culture. Sexual development does not happen automatically. It’s a multi-functional development of body, feeling, psyche, relating to the other and behaviour. It takes years for a child to experience this, to feel this, to integrate this it’s personality and build up a sexual relationship.

Let me tell you two examples:

  • Whenever I give a lecture in China or a workshop Chinese are very eager to get to know more about the development of a child and the development of personality. It seems to me that this field of experience is just like a blank sheet for them. At the same time I identify this as an eager need to get to know more about sexuality and to develop oneself and one’s own sexuality.
  • Another example was told to me by a group of physicians from the field of psychosomatics. I met these Chinese physicians in a workshop on body-psychotherapy and they told me about an American trainer who doing the first workshop inChina, on a sudden ask the participants who in the group would masturbate and asked the participants to talk about their experiences.

The first example shows the deep need to address this issue and to experience one’s own development. The second example shows how careful and sensible you have to be to follow the demand of sex-education in China.

Insofar this reminds me of the work of for example the psychoanalyse Wilhelm Reich who in the 1920s and 1930s established advice centers for sexual education. He said we don’t want to wait until people experience sexual problems so that they have to ask for psychotherapy. Instead of this we have to start one step earlier. This means start with a good sex-education.

How do you think about it?

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