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What a shame











What a shame

Four elderly petitioners from Henan took it all off and protested in front of the US Embassy in Beijing over the rights of their activist sons and daughters.

The nude petitioners were seen in front of the embassy around 10:00 a.m. with phrases such as “Corrupt officials in Henan are livestocks!“ written on their bodies. The demonstrators included 65-year-old Xing Jiaying, 66-year-old He Zeying, 73-year-old Tian Guirong and 68-year-old Zhang Fengmei, who were also holding placards reading simply “yuan” (grievance).

According to the protestors, their sons and daughters were human rights activists suffering from torture and mistreatment while under illegal detention. Their children voiced grievances in the form of letters or calls to the government, resulting in 18 years of illicit detention, one of the parents said.

What a shame for those old women to offer their naked bodies as last sign of desperation and powerlessness.

What sign of respect for life.

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