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Living Barbie











Living Barbie

This Is Not a Barbie Doll. This Is an Actual Human Being.”

Be prepared to be freaked out! The picture ……………..above is of a real-life living woman from Ukraine named Valeria Lukyanova. She was interviewed by GQ Magazine and the interviewer as well as the public seem to be generally pretty shocked that this woman s appearance and her resembance to a human Barbie Doll.

She is an actor and model trying already for years already to be like the Barbie Doll. She changed her Body by numerous operations. She does not live without the typical Barbie make-up and she acts as if she were Barbie Doll. Of course she is present with millions of followers in several social betworks like facebook. Of course she is present there with or as a selfie.

Barbies selfie.

Why do I show this photo and this living Barbie Doll? She functions as the symbolisation of the phantasies of millions of women, Girls. Worldwide. Millions of them want to different. Want to be like Pop Idols. Like Barbie Doll. Barbie Doll or other similar projection objects. Millions of. These women or girls try to be someone else.

Try to avoid to be themselves.

And posting selfies as someone else, in this case as Barbie Doll, they even in a more cruel way avoid to be themselves. They follow a process of Alienation and think at the same time: now I am as I want to be. If you talk to These women or girls most of them know about this but still when being alone follow this process if sself-alienation.

It really makes me sad, anxious and of course also angry to watch this worldwide process.

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