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Jobs influence the development of stress








Jobs influence the development of stress

Scientists at the University of Cincinnati have found out how big the influence of a specific job on the development of depression is. More than 200.000 people were asked. Here the main result:

The highest risk can be seen in the field of ………….bus-, train- and tram-drivers. The second highest score can be found in the group real-estate-agents. #3 is in the medical and social working field. This is the working field were the psyche of the workers is strained too much. So helping and supporting other people leads to stress. Of course this result shows how much workers in the social or medical field have problems with their own motivation to help other people. So to say it is also some self-made stress.

 #10 in the list are journalists, writers and publishers.

 Though there is not so much difference between the first ten one result strikes very much: About 14-17 % of those groups complain about stress and possible burnout.

Stress, emotional and psychic strains is part of nonverbal communication and interacting. So one has to ask about the social factors and the personal, emotional factors as well. Insofar these results also mirror social and cultural nonverbal communication, that means the hidden agenda in society.

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