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Helplessness towards psychic problems in China











Helplessness towards psychic problems in China

China with more than 1 Billion inhabitants only has about 25-35.000 psychiatrists and psychotherapists. Compared to other countries this is for too less to guarantee a good health-management and mental health system. For example in Germany there are even more psychiatrists and psycho-therapists for only 85 Million inhabitants.

This leads to significant and severe problems within in the population. People don’t know how to react……… if somebody is mentally ill or just “weird”. People don’t know how to understand, how to relate, how to react and maybe how to support.

So, they often are very helpless and fainted. I’ll give an example which I came across last week. Parents of a daughter felt completely helpless about twenty years ago by the behaviour of their daughter. She was a bit strange, she was very slow in acting. She was not aggressive at all but she could not speak and often she just disappeared and stayed away for some time.

The parents didn’t understand the behaviour and could not react in an appropriate way. Nor could they look for help because there was no help. And there’s still no help for them.

The only way they could react was the following: Whenever they left the house or the village and didn’t know how to behave towards their daughter, they just tied her down a tree. She stayed there until the parents came back without any sign of aggression or sadness or indignation.  

From the western point of view you could say, that the parents did wrong but from the Chinese point of view it was obviously the only way to react to their daughter.

One can hope that examples like this which are brought up by media will have an influence on politicans and the medical system to improve, to improve soon.

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