Body-language and nonverbal communication

Italy the country of vital body language











Italy the country of vital body language

I am just back from my short Holidays in Italy, from the Island of Sicilia. It is a wonderful place in the world. Green and fertile especially in spring. We lived in a private house and had wonderful conversations in the morning with Danilea, an Italian Lady who explained to us many interesting things about the Country, the culture, the Mafia of course and the people.

While listening to her we could watch her body language. In fact it is a great joy to experience this. The Italian Body lives while talking. German, Chiense, many peolpe in the South of America talk and prefer the verbal Expression. In contrast to that Italian People would probably feel this to be a punishment to them. They have to be their Body Language while talking. Talking seems te be Music. And words are always embodied words. No word without the Body.

Here is a very little Pictures which shows the normal radius of movement of the arms of an Italian man while talking (ref movement). In contrast to that you have the green line which shows the radius of arm movement of a South American man.

If you get curious just have a look at old Italian films. You will really enjoy what you hear AND see.

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