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A suicide selfie











A suicide selfie

A young Chinese girl committed suicide after a very problematic relationship, as she posted for several times. She could not stand this relationship on her own only, so she opened up to the virtual public and let everybody take part in her relationship.

And also take part in her suicide. While sitting on a very high building she took a selfie which lets believe, so the Chinese media, that this is her last selfie. She at the same time posted: “After I’m dead, I will haunt you day and night, I will never be apart from you again.”

I think that there is a very deep desperation and anger ……….or hate on this boyfriend. That`s the one side. The other side is, that she opened up all this to the virtual public. So this might also be regarded as an enormous loud cry.

A cry or shout which symbolizes the situation of many young people nowadays. It also symbolizes a process in social media where People relate quite easily to each other and believe that there is friendship. That there is someone whom I can rely on, whom I can trust.

But this very often is an illusion. The easier such networking becomes an Illusion, the harder the desillusionment is. The prize often is more loneliness than before or even suicide.

Can this mean: the more you are connected to people, to “friends”, often hundreds or even thousands of them, the sokoner the loud cry or shout will come?

If so, why do we hear so few of these cries or shouts?

Does this mean: the more silent the possible cry is, the more seriously we have to take it?

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