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The energy concept part 1 (Bioenergetic Analysis)

The energy concept part 1 (Bioenergetic Analysis)

The energy concept of BA sees man as a “reservoir of energy” that comes into contact with the environment. This process usually starts and develops in our culture (in all cultures!!) mostly via the relationship to “mother (figure)”. The experience and the embodiment of one`s own personality and the herewith connected individual way of relating to the “mother (figure)”, and later to one`s father, influence the whole life of an adult human. The way how one lives relationships is among others very individually characterized by gratification, conflict resolution, self-presentation and dialogue.

The BA does not only ………………rely on the word, the verbal expression! For Alexander Lowen it is a way, to understand the personality by understanding the body (experience and expression) and its energetic processes. These processes, i.e. the production (charge) of energy through respiration and metabolism and discharge of energy in motion and movement are the fundamental processes of life. How much energy you have and how you use this energy, determines the way you respond to a situation, to life. The more energy you can put into free movement and expression, the better you can deal with different situations, with life.

When life can be understood on the one hand as an integrated unit of the whole organism, the BA emphasizes life as an essential process of arousal. The bioenergy / charging and discharging have an organic, physical basis. This will find it`s expression as a river of excitement in the feelings and physical sensations. This goes far “beyond all anatomical boundaries”.

Perhaps you know this: perhaps you once have already felt in the upper part of your body that anger aroused and that this anger charged up arms, face and your eyes? This can bring up the feeling of “the collar to be too tight.” If a man is so angry that he sees “red”, his retina (eyes) has been flooded with blood actually. One can also feel anger but cold and “white” (as we call it in Europe) and then you will look “pale with rage”, based on a narrowing of the peripheral vessels which prevents the blood from coming to the surface of the body. Then there’s the “dark rage”, in which the sensation is overlaid by a dark cloud of hatred……………………

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