Body-language and nonverbal communication

Smog hurts the body too







Smog hurts the body too

Chinese Smog, just like any other Smog in the world, is so bad, it’s like a ‘nuclear winter’ that’s even stopping plants’ photosynthesis. Scientists argue. They also state the following aspects:

  • Pollution has grounded aircraft, closed roads and hit tourism inChina
  •  The food supply could be affected as the smog blocks sunlight
  • China Agricultural University showed that seedlings are struggling to grow
  • The smog is having the same effect as that predicted from nuclear war
  • YetChina’s naval chief claimed it has a plus side – defence from US laser
  • Rear Admiral Zhang Zhaozhong said weapons’ range cut from 10km to 1km

So smog touches the Body in an implicite way one could say. It touches the Body, interferes without letting you really know what happens and what will happen in the future.

Smog hurts without you letting feel how much it hurts.
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