Body-language and nonverbal communication

Practical work part 2 (Bioenergetic Analysis)

Practical work part 2 (Bioenergetic Analysis)

Some important internal circulations that are effected by the work are:

• The connection of breathing and movement

• Specific work on one body segment

• The initiation, support and promotion of ………semi-autonomous body reactions (such as trembling, vibrating, deeper breathing)

• The connection of breathing, voice and auditory feedback processes

• Energy charge, discharging, and integration with the personal experience

On the communication level, interaction and relationship level the BA also touches and works with the “external body” circulation. These refer to the imagined or unconscious internalized objects (which were “born” in early childhood) or to the concrete, real interaction / dialogue between the people being present in the group or the context.

Some of the body’s external circulations are:

• Link from the new experience resulting action and dialogue / exchange with other people

• Conscious Experience of grounding, breathing and contact with a counterpart.

• Reading body / bodies under stress as diagnostic experience and diagnosis

• Integration of posture, movement and interaction with the opponent, another person.


Other key concepts of the bioenergetic work are:

• Working with sexuality and relationship as well as relating to others

• Working with stress positions, energy mobilization in order to improve the (self-)expression and stress-management

• Slow-motion work to improve the inner perception of the person and getting with these aspects in communication

• Working with falling exercises and the experience of letting go or experiencing the emotional flow and it`s expression

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