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Practical work part 1 (Bioenergetic Analysis)












Practical work part 1 (Bioenergetic Analysis)

The BA as a body psychotherapy therefore works with the physical tension, the breathing, the shaping of the body and personality by the life experience / history, the individual mind and the relationship constellations in childhood and in everyday life today. The BA explicitly and specifically works with the process of respiration, the differentiated (body) perception, the physical (self-) expression. This is supported either by specific exercises / settings or by looking at this process on the level of transference and countertransference. (Lowen 1981, 1984, Koemeda-Lutz 2002)

The “grounding-concept” probably is the best well-known concept of BA. It shows …………and helps to experience how good you stand on the ground that means how good you live in reality and can respond to it adequately. It is an essential expression of human life and it shows how your inner excitement and charge is connected to your body, your sexuality, the earth (ground), which represents reality and its specific functions and needs.

Man can by his grounding discharge excess energy and tension. The downward flowing bioenergetic energy often is emotionally experienced as anxiety. When “falling down” or “letting go” most people have a fear of falling down, which is usually suppressed. This is one of the most deeply-rooted fears of people. In addition to this, the increasing vibration in the legs – as well as all the other involuntary bodily responses during discharging – intensifies the experience of body sensations and related feelings. The person feels in contact with the sensations and feelings. So in a deeper contact to himself, to his Self. He experiences more inner emotional safety by his ability of standing (grounding) and his balance. He knows where he is, how he stands on the ground, in reality and who he is and that he is someone important.

The BA offers important models of understanding and action models in order to learn how to work as a psychotherapist or consultant or coach with the body and the emotional dynamics, the understanding of this and the relationship to others. It also explains the active, targeted influencing of internal body dynamics, of certain regulatory processes. The BA also supports the personal and physical decision related to the needs of the organism and the specific expression.

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