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Kiss geography

Each country and each culture has its own kissing – rules or rituals. So, be aware of these differences in order to avoid difficulties and embarrassments.

The Maori (natives of New-Zeeland) and the Inuit (Eskimos) kiss with their noses. They touch each others` nose with their own nose and move together in a slide way from one side to the other.

In the US: if somebody kisses you already at first dating, this means that person has sexual interest. So, be aware ……….when you meet someone for the first time. (or just keep calm and enjoy) 😉

In Japan kissing is the last step before sex. That’s why you very seldomly see Japanese people kissing in public. A Japanese man for example kisses his wife every two days whereas a South-Coreanean kisses his wife only every four days.

In Papua-Neuguinea they kiss in a very different way. The natives kiss by nibbling at the lashes. Another way to kiss is to suck on the other lips or tongue until they bleed. This is a symbol of real passion.

In Dubai you have to be very careful kissing in public, even if it’s your own partner. It’s almost illegal and you have to fear to be punished.

In the US you have various rules referring to the different states. So there are some states where you’re not allowed to kiss a sleeping woman or if you have a beard or if it’s Sunday.

France is a paradise for kissing people. There are so many different ways to kiss, so it’s suggested to inform and the tourist office how to behave. “French kissing” meanwhile is a global symbol. A French man kisses his wife about seven times a day.

Brazil is a real heavenly paradise for kissing people. The kissing rituals differ from region to region, from city to city and even inside the big cities. There even exists a kiss-map. If you’re interested just have a look:

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