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Character structures (Bioenergetic Analysis)

Character structures (Bioenergetic Analysis)

The richness of one`s own history and one`s individual experience and the various patterns of tension and holding back in the body will find their psychological / psychic relevance in the character structure. It corresponds as psychological component of the form and movement of the body and functionally is identical to it. It is very resistant to all influences from outside and to change. The entire pattern of excitement and tension controls the power and the use of one´s own bodily energy, the life energy. You cannot understand (and work with) the energy dynamics of a person without the concept of the character structure. (Schwieger 1998).

Induced (by specific experience) limited mobility and charging of the body causes new emotional ………….problems in the future. This can lead to conflicts with the demands of adult life. If the (by anxiety induced) situation from childhood is not solved and the experience is displaced, usually the pattern of physical tension remains. By this the person  unconsciously avoids such painful situations. Man therefore reduces by this his self-expression, holds back the feeling of joy in his life, thus his potency to develop himself in life.

The personality or character structure thus functions on the one hand as an individual survival concept, as it protects against the “outside world” and the repetition of similar painful experiences. On the other hand, it hinders the expression of the “inner, emotional world”. It shows the kind of dialogue capacity of the person or it`s limitation.

Lowen (1975) talks basically of five different character structures (or patterns) (schizoid, oral, psychopathic, masochistic and rigid), which in their individual meaning represent the personality and the character structure. Problems and talents / resources are represented in these character structures. They characterize the person`s survival and dialogue capacity or pattern.  At the same time they allow conclusions on the biographical history, they way how these patterns had developed.

Closely linked to the personality development specific illusions are connected: if you cannot change the threatening reality, one flees into these illusions, in order not to fall back into the previous experience of deeper despair. Finally in desperation the person often has the will to give up a higher level of vitality and change. The person then hopes that the illusion will end the despair and continuing waiver, i.e. to stop feeling this or feeling oneself. These illusions can also be seen in the body expression ( body reading of the body language ).

In the character structure, and this is a core concept of the BA, important biographical conflicts are “effectively preserved”. Physically much energy is bound or hold back, and this leads to higher grade of fear (potential).

By this the circle is completed: experience leads to holding back energy and vitality. This makes the fear to grow unconsciously more and more. This finally leads to the avoidance of such situations. This reduces life experience, self-expression and fulfillment one`s own needs and wishes.


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