Body-language and nonverbal communication

The body tells YOUR story











The body tells YOUR story

The Bioenergetic Analysis (Bioenergetics) allows access to the topics / problems of understanding and acting on the level of interaction between the body and the analytical process. This is possible because the body is functionally identical to the person, on all levels. Feelings, thoughts and issues of life of an individual always manifest in the expression of the body. A diagnostic identification of these aspects is precisely possible because of the shape, the structure and motility of the body. It is necessary that one is able to read the language of the body.

These patterns of feeling, …………behavior, thinking, moving and reacting can be well experienced under stress and in crisis. Either you are really afraid, want to escape an “ennemy”, have fever or if you fall in love.

The Bioenergetics help to experience this well grounded among others by certain excercises. The Bioenergetics also help to diagnose this when looking at somebody else`s Body.

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