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You are your sunshine

You are your sunshine

I just found a Chinese and into English translated sentence at fb.

成为自己的阳光。Be your own sunshine

This sentence at one struck my mind and reminded me of a German ………..provorb we have here in old Europe. I tthink it has a Christian origin and says:

love the other like yourself. If you exactly look at the words it says love the other, love the other like yourself. And it says love yourself also.

Why do I tell you this, you may ask. It is just as easy: when remembering the high discipline and often cruel self-discipline, one does to himself. Discipline at work, in your study, in the education of your children, the way you relax. And the discipline in your love relationship.

I can just only think of self-torture. Self-disciplione as self-torture thinking of such a life.

Discipline is necessary. I know that. But sunshine too is necessary.

Please think it over if you dare to take some minutes off, have a rest and think of yourself. Do you feel the sunshine?

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