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If you marry a Chinese woman, then be prepared ;-)








If you marry a Chinese woman, then be prepared 😉

There’s an interesting and astonishing effect when marrying with a Chinese woman. Quite often when I talked to western men who married a Chinese woman, most of them agreed to the observed effect, which is like this:

Before the marriage Chinese women more often seem to be restrained, friendly, a little shy, ………not so loud speaking and softer in there bodily expression.

After marriage, that’s I was often told, this changes quite rapidly. Chinese women then are impulsive, very expressive, almost aggressive, loud-talking, not so shy at all or restrained.

One can ask the question why this happens and why this is reported so often, at least from Western-Chinese couples. (I don’t know who this is like when two Chinese marry).

I have one possible explanation for this: Marrying may have the function to express unambiguously: “we belong to each other”, “we have decided to establish a new (intimate) space/relationship”. My experience is: The more someone is or feels himself in his intimate relationship or intimate space, he or she behaves quite typical: loud, expressive also aggressive and so on.

Related to (that is my impression of) the Chinese culture this is a typical pattern of behavior in relationship. One message can be deduced: Be aware of this before you marry a Chinese woman. But dont devaluate this behavor or female reaction.

How is your experience? Would you tell us?


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