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Competition for the best!

Competetion for the best!

It is not a surprise what I heard yesterday at the Business and Investors Forum China 2013 in Düsseldorf / Germany. I visited a special panel discussion about the competition in looking for high qualified new entries in business. The presented information was not new at all. Again the executives panel speakers underlined one main – principal – difference between China and Germany:

  • In China      students ……….learn from their professors. They do not learn from the content      and the thus deriving needs. And they do not learn from themselves. In      Germany principally it is the other way around.
  • This leads to      really different competences. Whereas in China students are diligent and      studious, motivated by discipline, obedient and hierarchy orientated,      students in Germany more often are creative, self-orientated, critical on      content and (self-) reflected.

In many discussions this issue leads to “yes-or-no”, “good-or-bad” statements. But in fact we always need both. The lesson learnt again was: it is neither China nor Germany but an issue how to meet somewhere in between.

But this is another and of course a very long story. I will discuss it later in my blog.


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