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Failure instead of discipline is necessary

Failure instead of discipline is necessary


Often people fear that they’re lost when they feel that efficiency and money as highest values. This happens often especially when you’re brought up in a culture of high discipline. In such an education, under such a development or in such a culture there’s no space for failure.

But to be honest; it’s very human, that ………..humans fail. Can fail.

So, failure is part of life, part of human nature. And failure is also a necessary experience in order to be successful.

Developmental psychology and child psychology show that we usually learn by passing a phase of conflict or crisis. It’s for example a necessary step to pass crisis in childhood in order to develop and to get familiar with your talents of the special age you’re in. (If you want to read more about it, look into the books of Erik Erikson)

So, failure is success, if we learn from it.

This is also an important message for older people, for grown-ups and for those, who begin to reflect about their own habit of discipline.

Of their possible addiction to discipline.

Here in Germany there is always a fruitful discussion on that issue.

How about in China? I have experienced so much discipline in China and a thousand-year-tradition of discipline in China.

How is you your way, your habit to reflect on this also?



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