Body-language and nonverbal communication

Body language: genetic or learnt?










Body language: genetic or learnt?

This is an amazing project ” Genetic portraits” by Ulric Collette

A photographic research work on genetic similarities between members of the same Family.

There’s an old ongoing question and discussion, which never will be answered I think. It’s the question if body-language is genetic or social-learned.

Or the question what was earlier in the world: …………the chicken or the egg.

In Europe we have a long tradition in discussing this question and there were times of favoring the genetic-part or the social-part of explanation. This discussion usually was related to behavior-movement, voice, facial expression and so on.

It also was related to the structure of the face.

I don’t want to open up here this discussion again, favoring the one or the other side. No, my interest is just to show the amazing project

Just get your own impression by being amazed by these photomontages. It is too obvious that even if body-language is socially and personally learned that there’s some basic genetic base.

Regarding the shown facial expression and similarity one may favor the genetic approach.

But concerning behavior, facial-expression as nonverbal communication and so on, you have to regard and to value the developing mental, experimental and exploring part of life. That means, the social and personal learned expression.

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