Body-language and nonverbal communication

You are so welcome!!!!!! (Journey to China No.5)
















You are so welcome!!!!!! (Journey to China No.5)

On Friday I decided to walk down the north-south axis in Beijing. Of course I wanted to have a look on, that means down on the forbidden city, So I decided to climb up the hill ( Jingshan Gongyuan ). It was a bit misty. The sun was hidden behind dark clouds. I loved the walk, being “entertained” by coming across different people in really interesting situations. So I met someone doing massage on people lying just on the ground. So I just met people dancing in the middle of the park.

And I met lots of people just sitting on the ground, eating, drinking, laughing, talking and enjoying. Usually when ………slowly passing those groups of people, I tried to have a closer look on what they were doing and how they were looking like. Often, and this is one main experience in Beijing which I had, they smiled at me, quite frank and open and invited me by waving hands to come closer and to sit down. To sit down and to join.

First I hesitated a little, than I enjoyed to be invited. They offered me some “strange” food which really tasted deliciously. Sometimes they offered me a drink, one looked like water but it was alcohol. They smiled when I took the little paper cup. Of course I didn’t refuse and showed up as I was not surprised by being offered alcohol. I emptied my paper cup and they of course at once refilled it.

Right away in that moment I knew I had to be “careful” not to get drunk.

After a while I said goodbye and followed my north-south axis in order to finally reach the center of the earth at the Tian Tan (temple).

















































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