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Stereotype: queueing or not queueing (journey to China No.2)








Stereotype: queueing or not queueing (journey to China No.2)

I was told that there is a lot of chaos in China. Chaos at the bus stop. Chaos at the ticket office of the Metro. Chaos at the Train.

I also had read this in some clever books written by some clever journalist. And when I visited Beijing some weeks ago I was disappointed because of the people queueing quite accurately waiting for the bus. Disappointed because the stories I was told, turned out to be a story. A story which did not mirror what ………………..I had to expect in China.

The people seemed to feel quite comfortable with this queueing. People also seemed to be familiar with this.

Well Beijing is not China. Well I remember photoes of the chaotic “catch-the-train-run”. And I know of course what I could perhaps expect when travelling somewhere else in China.

My lesson learnt was: be open for a new experience. Let yourself be surprised by what you come across. Even if it is unexpected and seems to be in contrast to what you have read or heard about. But don`t start a new stereotype-story, for example the story that there is no chaos in China.

Be prepared for queueing and not-queueing.








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