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Grandparents as Nanny: is it good for the child? (Journey to China No. 3)













Grandparents as Nanny: is it good for the child? (Journey to China No. 3)

You cannot miss them in the streets. Those grandparents with their little grandchildren. Or better to say grandchild. It is always one child only. Their look after their grandchild. Care for their grandchildren while the parents of the grandchild have to work.

One could say that this is wonderful for the parents, because they …………..dont have to worry about “who takes care of my child because I have to work”.

A good model of social welfare, one could say. A good opportunity for both parents to be able to go to work.

But this only the one side of the truth. The other side is the wellbeing of the little grandchild.

Well the other side of the truth is the fact, that the grandchild is the focus. The grandchild stays in the focus. And the grandchild has to carry all those expectations of all those grown-ups and of society. All by oneself, because there is no ther child in the family, no brother, no sister.

So the grandchild lives under a burning glass, focused by all Family members around.

This may lead to the opinion, that the child gets up like a little prince. But this also can lead to the opinion that the grandchild, the child lives in a focused cave of love.

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