Body-language and nonverbal communication

Dancing in the sunset, in Berlin







Dancing in the sunset, in Berlin

Perhaps you remember, some days ago,what I explained about my really striking experiences watching Chinese people dancing in the park.

Let me tell you something about an experience which I had in Berlin, in Germany. If you watch the little video you can get a similar impression which I got in the park in Beijing or elsewhere in China.

It is not so often, that you see people dancing outside somewhere in a park in Germany. It is really seldom and if you watch the people dancing you’ll get an impression of nice movement, joyful dancing and smiling faces. But in contrast to ……….my experience in China there’s not such a big difference between the ordinary movement and bodily expression in the every-day life compared to the movement and bodily expression while dancing. So, of course, I was not so astonished watching the people dancing in Berlin in open air.

I am convinced that there is more of a similarity moving or acting bodily in different situations. To me it seems that we more often move in the way our behavior pattern is characterized and not so often as the situation is characterized.

So to say I am more or less functionally identical on the various levels of my personality (thinking, feeling, moving andsoon).

What really struck me, was the fact, that you will almost never come across such a situation, such an event. In Germany people almost always dance inside. This is different if there is a special event, a fair or any other kind of special festivity. Then of course people dance outside.



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