Body-language and nonverbal communication

Dancing in the park (Journey to China No. 8)



















Dancing in the park  (Journey to China No. 8)

You see them in the parks. Mostly in the morning or later in the afternoon or evening. You see them dancing. You see them enjoying and you’re aware of a very big difference in bodily expression.

On the one hand, often when you see Chinese people, they seem to walk and move a bit slowly, feel aggrieved and in a black mood, as if it would be typical for most of the people, typical for the country or a typical character expressed on the body-level.

In contrast to a possible stereotype ……….thinking of this observation, one can observe Chinese people dancing in a park, in a very elegant, charming, graceful and aesthetic way. It seems that you’re aware of two different kinds of people, two different manners and habits being bodily expressed.

But it’s the same person, the same people. The same culture.

Of course you can imagine how astonished I was and that the awareness to this big difference really struck my mind and will be engraved in my memory for now on.

At the same time this experience makes me curious to really get to know more about bodily expression in China. About those big differences, as they seem to be.

Here is a Little so that you can get your won impression:

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