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Young Chinese don’t look back







Young Chinese don’t look back

A scientific research from Beijing-University shows that 87 % of young Chinese engineers and natural scientists don’t want to return to China after their studies. Though Chinese government and Chinese economy have done a big investment in improving the conditions and requirements for motivation this result seems to be an alarm-signal.

The loss of those well-trained and high-performing specialists is borne by a well-trained competent and creative base of talents.

Therefore China does a lot of ………..effort to find high-performing specialists and talents. What is the motivation of those Chinese to look to the future, to look for a future in western countries and what is the reason and motivation of not looking back to their home China.

As this phenomenon is a very complex issue, one has to be careful with giving simple and pragmatic answers. Please take my post as a message, that the question is important.

It is good to improve the conditions and motivation in China, by Chinese officials. On the other hand it is much more important to understand the reasons and the motivation for this behavior.

I can promise you that I will post more about my ideas and reflections on this motivation and the possible reasons within the next months.

Perhaps you also feel invited to discuss. So feel free to comment here in my blog or post an own idea about the issue.

Source: Deutsch-Chinesische Allgemeine Zeitung 25/Juli 2013


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