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Stereotype: tall and tiny (journey to China No.1)












Stereotype: tall and tiny (journey to China 1)

I just returned from my journey to China. It was an amazing experience. I will try to talk a bit about various impressions within the next weeks. Of course I had read quite a lot about China. Of course I had talked to friends of mine about where I was supposed to go. Of course I had my thinking or believes about China not yet discovered as a stereotype thinking. 🙂

Here is one impressing and obvious example: many people in Western countries believe that the Chinese is tiny and the Western in comparison to the tiny Chinese is quite tall.

To be true I have to disappoint you. It is not like this as shown on the photo. I myself am 1,80 m tall and very often I felt quite as tall most of the Chinese around me. For example in the Metro of Beijing I looked around and saw just into the faces of the other People and they could just looked into mine. 🙂

And still there are interesting phenomena concerning the body shape of Chinese people. I will talk about this later.

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