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Eyesight training





Eyesight training

Results of a new scientific research show that there’s an intense increase in shortsighted children at school. This increase can be explained by different reasons and backgrounds such as:…………..

  • The use of I-Pads, Smartphone and so on
  • The improved diagnostic in medicine
  • An intensified effort to look at these problems
  • Of course there is also a reason which is quite significant, such as the change of fashion in medicine. (Yes this really exists J )
  • And of course there’s a big reason to be found in the field of social and social-psychological produced tension patterns.

Let me please explain this to you: Research in western countries also explain shortsightedness or farsightedness as an effect of “learned-tension”. This means the following, the tension of the muscles around the eyes and/or the tension in the neck-muscles can be diagnosed as a result of emotional experience and emotional states of mind.

On the other hand therapy in this field proves that on the one hand medical help-glasses and so on are the state of the art concerning indication on the other hand one can loosen the tension of the eye-muscles by training, relaxation or special exercises. This will lead to a significant improvement of the eyesight.

Also helpful is an integrated support by psychotherapy.


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