Body-language and nonverbal communication is online since one year :-)




 is online since one year 🙂

One year ago I started with One year full of interesting experience, inspiring experience, doubts, hesitation, fresh energy, supporting feedback and courage to go on.

My main interest is and was to write about intercultural communication under the special perspective of body language that means nonverbal communication. To follow this road is carried by being convinced that this perspective is a broad perspective. Much broader than photographic body language often is reduced to. Body language always, in all cultures, is expression and impression at the same time. It is born in a certain society, culture and always related to the setting, the context. Body language is part of dialogue, communication und acting. And body language is created in and by dialogue.

I hope you will be interested in my posts as you did before. Of course I thank you for your support by communicating the link to your friends or other people. Or by feedback. Or by posting yourself. Please feel fre to post yorself whatever you think its worth to be reported. — All of course has to be related to body languaga, nonverbal intercultural communication.

You are welcome!!!!!

From tomorrow on I will start with a little photo story, which is related of course to body language. A story with one tiny chapter each day. You alread get a little curious? I hope so. 🙂



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