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Impression and expression: an embodyed story (part 2)









An embodyed story (part 2)

 some of you probably felt guided by those old hands to something in the past of this old woman, some hard work, some heavy experience or so. In any case you at once get an fate-impression which tells you a story, even if you don`t know anything about the history of this old woman.

This always happens if you get to know this or not.

This always happens if you are aware of this or not.

This always happens in any culture where you …..  are even if you don`t know much or anything of this culture.

These old hands tell you a story with a message for you, especially for you, because it´s you who finds this story, who creates this story. It`s your story also, did you know this? Of course I think. 🙂

My message to you concerning you being aware of these old hands and finding your story, hold on to this story, don´t forget it. Keep it in you wherever it is placed safely. This means: keep your past, be aware of the presence and create the (your) future.

Old always is new at the same time.

And be sure that this future is a connected future, an integrated future.

It is there without words, not created by words.









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