Body-language and nonverbal communication

Expression and impression (an embodyed story part 5)











Expression and impression (an embodyed story part 5) 

Being caught by some detail I just had to look around. Had to stand still, move my head from one side to the other, facing a whole new world of creatures which I had never seen before. Creatures deriving from a continent of relevance which was and probably still is strange to me. Again I was fascinated by this world of creatures who started talking to me in a mother tongue which was familiar to me though not ………..                         knowing the name or the origine of this mother tongue.

I soon could subdevide all those different voices, and all those tempe. All the colours of meaningful being.
All on a sudden I got the impression that the room, the tiny shop had widened up. My awareness could not explain what had happened. But by and by I realized that my awareness was the miracle being responsible for that.

My awareness and attention being the creator of all this, of all these creatures. So looking around I looked into a mirror and saw myself. The creatures in me. How to distinguish all this I asked myself and got fascinated again and lost the question which I just had asked myself. Question and answer were no longer important to me.

The richness of this chaos in this tiny little shop and the presence of this old woman, those working and thus talking hands all belonged together. Me included.

Regarding the perspective of body language and nonverbal communication I touched one of the most important fields of embodyment: the interplay of expression and impression. One cannot really subdevide the two aspects. It happens like it is said in the race between the rabbit and the hedgehog. Whenever you believe you got it, it changes and you start again, eager to catch it again……again….again.

And thus you really have to look precisely in order to get it, to get the expression. And also, you have to be very careful and look thorougly and listen to yourself, to the impression which rises in yourself, like an echo.


















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