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Communicating food and meals by photos in web 2.0 (part 1)









Communicating food and meals by photos in web 2.0 (part 1)

Why do so any people take photos of their meals? And post them even while eating?

This phenomena is so common that most of us don`t these questions. Let me take some time to think about it and share my ideas. The German professor Eva Barlösius just published a book, called „sociology of meals / eating“. The conclusions of her study convinced me at  once. Here is a very brief summary, in order not to disturb you while eating. J

  • Since centuries already it is common that people present their meals. Nowadays via photo. Years or ages ago via paintings. You will find, ……………at least in Europe, an astonishing number of these photos. – So this habit of mostly young people is not a new habit.
  • This was often done to support the communication of some important social event, i.e. crowing ceremony of a king, the marriage of some important people and so on. Insofar paintings showing dinner and meals were meant to present the importance of these people and these situations.
  • So it is not astonishing not to find photos of fast food meals in the internet. Mostly it is some special prepared and served food. This means, in former times and nowadays, I can afford this. I am able to pay for this and enjoy it.
  • This also shows that people present their cultural knowledge.By communicating good meals you can demonstrate conviction, your lifestyle, and the ethics of society.
  • If you communicate self prepared meals you state that you are aware of the special peculiarity. People show that they are able to prepare something special, that are able to prepare something which is not easy to cook.
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